Bold Journey Interview

Bold Journey Interview
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Bold Journey is an online magazine dedicated to authentically sharing the stories of those who have overcome difficulties to achieve success and thrive despite adversity. Their team reached out to me for an interview, wanting me to share how I found my purpose and learned to live boldly. I was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them and support their mission of sharing stories to educate, inspire, and uplift their community.

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Breanna, we’re thrilled to have you on our platform and we think there is so much folks can learn from you and your story. Something that matters deeply to us is living a life and leading a career filled with purpose and so let’s start by chatting about how you found your purpose.

From a very young age, I’ve possessed an innate desire to look after the well-being of my loved ones. My mother often observed my natural inclination towards caring for my younger sisters and cousins. As I grew older, this inherent interest in attending to others’ needs propelled me to become a certified nursing assistant while still a junior in high school. This role equipped me with the necessary skills to assist others in performing their daily functions and maintaining their health.

Driven by a desire to assist others in their holistic health journey, and inspired by my mother and maternal grandmother, I set my sights on becoming a third-generation registered nurse. The confidence, competence, and caring attitude displayed by these matriarchs in their nursing roles have always been a source of admiration for me.

Upon graduating from high school, I earned college credits toward a nursing degree and began working as a nurse’s aide in geriatric care. During my tenure as a nursing assistant, I had the privilege of caring for numerous patients, an experience that deepened my love for promoting patient health. The opportunities to serve and contribute to their well-being further nurtured my passion for this profession.

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