CanvasRebel Interview

CanvasRebel Interview

CanvasRebel, an online magazine dedicated to authentically sharing new perspectives and information from small business owners, artists, and creatives, reached out to me. They asked if they could interview me about how I scaled BRE HEALTHY into a growing blog and online business. I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with them and share my story. I am also thankful to help support their mission of sharing their community members' stories and insights, fostering collaboration and learning.

Article Preview

Breanna, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today Folks often look at a successful business and imagine it was an overnight success, but from what we’ve seen this is often far from the truth. We’d love to hear your scaling up story – walk us through how you grew over time – what were some of the big things you had to do to grow and what was that scaling up journey like?

As a baccalaureate registered nurse, wellness enthusiast, and farm momma, scaling up my blogging business has been one of the most transformative journeys I’ve embarked on. It wasn’t an overnight success; it required a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. But was the return worth every ounce of effort? Absolutely! I am still on this journey and eagerly look forward to future successes and growth.

So, how did I scale up? Let’s dive into how I navigated the challenges of finances, time management, continuous learning, and community building. I’ll also share some insights into the technical aspects like choosing a high-quality blogging platform, enhancing SEO optimization, reining in the power of social media marketing, and fostering an efficient team. I’ll also discuss how I leveraged passive income to ultimately elevate my blogging business. The key takeaway from my experience? Investing in myself and my business was pivotal in my journey.

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