Fall Festivities and Autumn Activites

Fall Festivities and Autumn Activites

Happy Autumn! Are you ready for crisp air and cooler weather? I sure am! I love fall and the beautiful change of weather during this time of year.

The benefit of living in northern Utah is being able to experience the wonderful change of seasons. I am blessed to be local to many picturesque recreational spots as well as fun community events that feature highlighted activities of each season. So, as I sat down with my family and thought of the activities we wanted to take the children on these following weeks and months, these festivities are what made the cut:


In a tent or trailer, camp out for one night or several nights! Invite friends or family for a social time. All the good things associated with camping are stargazing, campfire cooking, and hiking. Make sure you camp responsibly and leave no trace! On our overnight camp trip, we’ll additionally ride our horses and possibly target shoot.

squamish valley on the edge of British Columbia


To preserve the bounty from the season’s harvest, can bottles of produce! Whether you do it by yourself or surround yourself with family and friends, canning food is a wholesome activity that serves a wonderful purpose. Stock your food storage and ensure yourself with wholesome food to eat later!

Over the years, I have canned with my mom, pickles, tomatoes, grape juice, apricots, pears, peaches, apple pie filling, jalapeño jelly, and jams. Yum!

Jar of apricot jam with leaves and fruit on grey table

Caramel Apples

Whether you cut up apples and dip them in a delicious caramel sauce or make decorative caramel-coated apples, this activity leaves your mouth watering and eventually your belly happy. My personal favorite flavoring of the caramel apple is the apple pie caramel apple with layers of caramel, white chocolate, and a cinnamon-sugar sprinkle. So delicious!

candy apples, caramel, sweet on a stick, with pecans

Cider Wassail and Snickerdoodles

Enjoy a warm mug of cider and a hot snickerdoodle cookie on a crisp fall day.

A Delicious Hot Apple Cider

Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest

Corn mazes and pumpkin fests are fun family-friendly attractions. As a family or group of friends, navigate through a corn maze and pick out pumpkins to carve. Visit the tasty food concessions and hay slides and rides for an extra fun treat!

Cornfield / Storm

Fall Leaf Display

Take a drive, hike, bike ride, or walk to go and see the changing colors of nature this fall. Take in the beauty of God’s creations and enjoy the display of colors amongst the foliage. Take time during your nature walk to breathe in the crisp clean autumn air and listen to the crinkling leaves under your feet. If you want, bring a camera along for a fall photoshoot. A fun idea with children is to collect an assortment of colorful fallen leaves and craft an autumnal art piece.

Mystery Forest Light

Farmer’s Fall Market

Every Saturday morning, our city hosts a farmer’s market on its downtown historic street. Look through the farm-fresh fall produce and artisan foods and goods while listening to live acoustic music and participating in community activities. Grab a warm seasonal beverage as you stroll down the street and at booths.

Fresh Fall Squash

Football Game

Go to a football game or have a flag football game with your friends and family. Make this recreational activity a must this autumn season!

Halloween Party

Attend or host a costume Halloween party with your friends, family, neighbors, community members, or church congregation. Enjoy Halloween-themed foods, trick-or-treating, games, and movies. Trunk or treats are also a fun option for younger kids!

Pumpkin Flavored Foods

Do you love all things pumpkin spice? I have a very select few favorite pumpkin-flavored foods, including my Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Along with my longtime favorite pumpkin pie dessert made by my mother, I also love Great Harvest’s pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Homegrown Cooking

Don’t comfort food and fall go together well? I think so! Here are some of my favorite seasonal recipes from my blog that is perfect for autumn.

The Zucchini Egg Waffle is a perfect way to use up leftover or overgrown zucchini. Zucchini Tomato Soup is one of my favorite soups of all time. I just love homegrown tomatoes in homemade tomato soup. Whether you use fresh garden tomatoes or canned tomatoes, sipping a warm bowl of soup is a perfect way to warm your soul on a cool autumn day.

Hot Roasted Cinnamon-Glazed Almonds are a perfect way to enjoy the autumn season! They also are a great gift to others!

Homemade Scones and Donuts

With the recent purchase of a deep fryer, I want to make homemade deliciousness in the form of donuts and scones. Hello, sugary glaze and honey butter!

homemade scones


Every year, we as a family attend Snowbird’s Oktoberfest. We enjoy walking through the vendor booths, eating brats and sauerkraut, and riding the scenic tramway.

Pie Night

I absolutely love pies and want to learn how to make them! The thought of buttery homemade crust and warm pie filling just makes my mouth water. Around the time of Thanksgiving, we as an extended family will have a pie night to enjoy each other’s warm company and pies.

A slice of Fall

Pumpkin Picking and Carving

While attending your local fall festival, pick out pumpkins or go to the local grocery store or garden center. Extra points for growing them yourself! Decorate your front porch with whole ones and close to Halloween, your carved jack-o-lantern masterpieces. A fun post-pumpkin carving food is roasted seasoned pumpkin seeds. Have you ever tried them? So good!

Wildlife Conservation

Go hunting and/or fishing and harvest your own meat!

Every October, my husband participates in the deer hunt. Even bigger than Christmas, it’s my husband’s favorite holiday. The hunting crew travels via horseback. I’ve enjoyed going on the horse ride and helping my husband spot deer. More than anything, I just enjoy being in the company of my horses and husband. I appreciate the naturally-sourced meat and outdoor recreation hunting provides.

Starting in November, my husband will also hunt elk. I’m excited to continue to learn how to better prepare and serve game meat meals.

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