Memorial Day Weekend Safety

Memorial Day Weekend Safety

What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend? Take advantage of the long weekend to play outside and have fun! Oftentimes when there is increased thrill-seeking activity outside, the risk of injury increases too!

Therefore, I give you tips on how to stay safe and healthy during Memorial Day Weekend!

On the Road

Oftentimes we travel to fun destinations to enjoy the long weekend. With that, car travel is required. Make sure your car is in proper working order and know what pit stops you should make! When driving, make sure you use a buddy system. Don’t drive alone or at least let friends or family know where you are at. Don’t drive drowsy or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and cell phone distraction. Have an emergency car kit if the car breaks down. Know who you can call for help in a predicament! Bring extra water and food if you get stranded somewhere. Have a first aid kit in the car to be ready for any injuries or accidents that might occur. Watch out for motorcycles!

On the Water

Two words. Life jacket! I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear life jackets when playing on the water. I heard too many stories last summer about children drowning. It makes me so sick to think about losing children that way. As a parent, keep tabs on where your children are. Have your kids use a buddy system when playing in the water! Also, sunscreen is so important. Skin damage has short-term and long-term disadvantages. A gnarly burn can be painful and uncomfortable, especially for young children. Long-term effects of skin damage are early aging and skin cancer! No thank you!

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On the Land

If riding bikes or any off-road vehicles, wear helmets and protective gear! A brain injury is no laughing matter! Wear other protective clothing when there is an increased risk of injury or accident.

My husband lost a toe to dirt biking, and would have lost more than that if he would not have had dirt biking boots on! Be so careful!

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On the Inside

When attending barbecues and parties, make sure the food is cooked thoroughly and cleanly. Nobody wants to spend their long weekend cooped up at home with an upset stomach.

I love party food and as my momma always says, “any activity is more fun with good food!” However, be mindful of what you eat. Don’t stuff yourself. You don’t want to feel sick later.  Eat food that will give you the energy to play hard!

When vacationing, our food choices change. With that, sometimes constipation can occur. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetables!

Have so much fun and thank you to all those who have died while serving in the country’s armed forces!

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